Hi! I am Tom Erickson – landscape photographer.

I am a retired CPA from St. Louis who has a passion for the outdoors and nature. So while my career was spent indoors, my mind was often in the Grand Canyon, near a beautiful lake or under starry skies.

I am very fond of our National Park system and many of the areas surrounding our parks. The lands are so raw and majestic, it constantly amazes me the power of Mother Nature.

But I don’t limit myself to this country. I also enjoy photographing certain cityscapes and naturescapes in other countries such as Patagonia, Svalbard, Iceland and Ireland.

I hope to visit even more of God’s work as retirement will give me the time to devote to my passion and to share this passion with others through the lens of a camera.

Feel free to review my images and if interested in a print please contact me.


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